NY Times Science Times: Cow's Eye View

From an interesting article "Qualities of an Animal Scientist: Cow's Eye View and Autism" in the Science Times section of the NY Times Aug 5, 1997, P B9.

I've come to expect interesting articles in the NY Science Times but this one ranks near the top of my list.

First is tells about the "humane" design of slaughter houses (an odd concept to begin with) and how most slaughter houses today are based on the designs created by Dr. Temple Grandin, an autistic, who has devoted her life to the humane treatment of animals.

But the article does more than describe slaughterhouse design, it tells

If you're looking for an article that not only presents some interesting technical details about a part of the world you never thought about (and probably won't again) but also describes a very interesting person I highly recommend this article.